What Are the Best Accessories for a New Swimmer?

Two little girls smiling underwater wearing pink goggle and blue swim fins

So, your little one is signed up for swim lessons and now you’re wondering what accessories they need. We’re here to help! Makai Swim has all the best accessories for your new swimmer.

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Makai Swim School has been teaching swim lessons since 1989. Over the years we have determined the best swim accessories for new swimmers and experienced swimmers alike. 

Here we’ll give you 6 Swim Accessory Suggestions and explain why they’d be perfect for your new swimmer.


Three little kids swimming underwater wearing colorful goggles and smiling.


For a new swimmer, goggles are the perfect accessory.

Goggles can greatly improve your kiddo’s swim experience.

If your little one is apprehensive about getting their face wet, sometimes the answer is as simple as trying on a pair of goggles. Goggles protect swimmers’ eyes from discomfort and give them a clear view of their world underwater.

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Sun protection is incredibly important for your swimmer.

There are so many different sunscreens out there but we found the Baby Bare Republic - Mineral Spf 50 Baby Sunscreen Face & Body Softstick® to be amazing for our little swimmers. 

This is a mineral formula sunscreen free of harsh chemicals. With Cottonseed and Chamomile Extract to provide softness, it is perfect for your little one’s delicate skin. 

The best part is this stick’s soft sponge-top applicator making applying this zinc-based sunscreen fuss-free.

Already have your own favorite brand of sunscreen, but wish there was an easier way to apply it to your swimmer? We highly recommend Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicators. Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicators are the world’s first child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators that allow for independent, mess-free sunscreen application. 

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Happy Nappy

If your little swimmer isn’t potty trained yet don’t worry, Makai Swim School has the best swim diapers in stock.

Many swim schools including Makai Swim School require a double layer diaper. Happy Nappy Swim Diapers have the perfect swim-school-approved solution.

Made out of buttery soft neoprene, Happy Nappy Swim Diapers are super comfortable and super functional. These swim diapers are chlorine resistant, anti-mold, and anti-bacterial. With perfectly snug waistbands and leg bands, Happy Nappy Swim Diapers contain any potty accidents that may occur, saving you from embarrassment and your local swim school from shutting down.

Check out our selection of Happy Nappy swim diapers here.

Swim Cap

Little boy swimming underwater wearing a blue swim cap and smiling.

Swim caps aren’t just for Olympic swimmers. 

Swim caps provide warmth on those cold fall-session swim days. 

We wish everyday could be warm and sunny, but occasionally the rain clouds roll in and cool things down. On these chilly days, it is most important to keep your swimmer’s head warm. Swim caps help retain your swimmer’s body heat keeping them warm and toasty their whole lesson through. 

Swim caps are also great for little swimmers with long hair, especially blondies. 

Of course, you can tie up your swimmer’s hair with a hair tie, but swim caps do a great job keeping long hair out of the way and relatively dry. So if you have a new swimmer with long blonde hair that is prone to chlorine green, try a swim cap. 

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Barbells are probably one of the most versatile accessories you could get for your little swimmer.

If you have a pool at home, at grandma and grandpa’s house, or you signed up for Makai Swim School’s open swim (check out our Open Swim hours here), a barbell is a great accessory for your new swimmer to practice with. 

Barbells can be used to help your new swimmer practice their kicking, their back floating, and improve their balance. While functional, barbells are also fun! As your swimmer’s skills improve, barbells can become a pool toy similar to a pool noodle. 

Barbells are a pool accessory that will grow with your swimmer for years.

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Keep in mind that barbells aren’t not meant to be a safety flotation device. 


Or as Makai Swim School loving calls “fish feet”. 

Fins are also a great accessory for your new swimmer to practice with.

Fins give your new swimmer just enough of a boost to help them practice their new skills. Fins can help your swimmer perfect their kicking and help promote learning how to take breaths by themselves. Makai Swim School uses “fish feet” during their swim lessons for these very reasons.

Worried about your swimmer becoming dependent on fins? Fear not, as your swimmer’s skills improve you can drop down to wearing one fin and eventually no fins at all.

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Need A Bag To Carry All Your Swimmer’s New Gear?

We’ve given you a whole shopping list of perfect accessories for your new swimmer, now you need a stylish bag to carry it all in.

Aloha Collection bags are perfect totes for a trip to swim school. These fun printed bags are made out of lightweight, splash-proof, easy-to-clean material. 

Tote around your new swimmer’s gear or pack it in your suitcase for your relaxing days at the beach on your vacation to Hawaii.

Check out these Aloha Collection bags at Makai Swim. 

Looking for more accessories for your swimmer?

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