How To Find the Best Swim Camp Curriculum

How To Find the Best Swim Camp Curriculum

Want to start your own swim camp, but don’t know where to begin? Makai Swim School will help you find the best swim camp curriculum to get you started!

Where To Find The Best Swim Camp Curriculum

It is possible to build a swim camp curriculum entirely on your own. However, this takes tons of research and years to polish and perfect it to its full success. 

So where do you start?

Sure, you can scour Pinterest for activities for campers, but there’s so much more that goes into developing a successful swim camp curriculum than finding fun arts and crafts projects.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a swim camp curriculum that is ready to go?

Makai Swim School can help!

Makai Swim School has been running successful summer swim camps for 6 years and counting. Our curriculum was curated to be enriching, organized, and of course, fun!

So if you’re looking to start your own swim camp, we’ve done all the research and hard work for you.

Makai Swim School offers successful Swim Camp Curriculum Kits so you can start your own swim camp with ease. 

Keep reading to see what’s included in our Swim Camp Curriculum Kits, or check them out here!

Swim Camp Curriculum Kits

Makai Swim School’s ready-to-use Swim Camp Curriculum Kits are jammed packed with everything you need to get your own swim camp up and running in record time. All you need is a pool, an excited group of campers, and we’ll do the rest!

Here’s everything that’s included in our Swim Camp Curriculum Kits.

Fun Swim Camp Themes

Makai Swim School offers 6 fun themed swim camp kits:

Purchase one themed kit or all six in our 6-Pack Camp Bundle.

The Best Swim Camp Activities

We’ve included only the best swim camp activities in our kits!

Each themed Swim Camp Kit includes 10 of our favorite swim camp craft projects and 10 of our favorite games.

These activities are proven hits with our own campers, so they are sure to provide tons of fun for your campers!

Swim Camp Lesson Plans

One of the largest components of running a swim camp is organization.

Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of that for you too!

Each one of Makai Swim School’s swim camp kits includes a week-long camp lesson plan that organizes your days right down to the hour, making your job as a camp director or counselor much easier.

Lesson plans also benefit your campers, as children thrive on structure. 

Think about school. A typical day at school isn’t a chaotic free for all of activities. No. There’s a lesson plan keeping students on schedule, creating routine and predictability.

I know it sounds boring…

But trust us, there’s no sacrifice of fun in our lesson plans!

Swim Camp Marketing 

Now that you have all of the components of a successful camp, you need successful marketing to promote your camps!

You guessed it.

Makai Swim School has done that for you too.

Our camp kits come with marketing material to match your camp themes. Use our premade marketing material for email blasts, social media, your website, and anywhere else you’d like to promote your swim camp program.

You’ll thank us when the swim camp enrollments start flooding in.

Themed Spotify Playlists

As a bonus to everything included in our Swim Camp Kits, we’ve also curated a Spotify playlist for each camp theme that we offer. 

Fully immerse your hula dancing campers in tropical Hawaii with our Aloha Hawaii playlist. 

Give your campers a brain boost for their science experiments with our Little Scientist playlist. 

Throw on some beachy tunes as your campers hang ten with our Surf’s Up playlist. 

Having music and ambient sounds playing for your campers makes their experience that much more special and fun!

Camper Certificates

You did it!

You successfully ran your first summer swim camp with the help of Makai Swim School’s Swim Camp Curriculum Kits.

To commemorate this proud moment we’ve included themed Camper Certificates of Completion to be handed out at the end of your camp session. 

A job well done to you and the campers that have joined you for a week of swim camp fun!