Where To Find Swim Camps In Napa This Summer

Where To Find Swim Camps In Napa This Summer

Whether it’s the dead of winter and you’re dreaming about your summer plans, or school is just about to be let out, and you’re scrambling to find something for your kid to do…

…Makai Swim School has your summer covered with Camp Makai, a summer camp in Napa full of fun, sun, and swimming!

What Does Camp Makai Look Like? 

Camp Makai offers a full summer of weekly themed camps. Each camp is filled to the brim with arts and crafts, games, outdoor activities, and swimming!

Does your little camper love…

  • Mermaids?
  • Pirates?
  • Surfing?
  • Science Experiments?
  • Fairy Tales?
  • Ocean Exploration?
  • The Aloha Spirit of Hawaii?

Then Makai Swim School has just the camp for your kiddo! Sign up for one theme or all of them!

Who Are Camps For?

Camp Makai is for any child aged 4 to 11 years old

Even though swimming is a large part of Camp Makai, your child does not have to know how to swim. However, swim instruction is not provided within Camp Makai.

If you are in need of swim lessons, check out our last blog post!

What size is Camp Makai?

Each camp can have up to 18 campers enrolled. Just the right amount of friends for your camper! 

Camp Makai has a 6:1 camper-to-teacher ratio. So rest assured, there will be enough eyes and ears to keep your child safe and attended to. 

When is Camp Makai?

Camp Makai is during the summer, starting just as school lets out! Check out this schedule to see the weeks Camp Makai is offered. 

Once enrolled, Camp Makai meets Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm.

3 Reasons Camp Makai is the Best Choice for Summer Swim Camp in Napa

Camp Makai has been a favorite of Napa parents for more than five years! Here are 3 Reasons Camp Makai is the Go-To Summer Camp in Napa.

1. Swimming!

Swimming is one of the most fun parts of summer! 

There’s nothing better than jumping into the pool with friends on a hot day and swimming until your fingers prune. 

So wouldn’t it be great if you could find a summer camp where your child can have some fun in the pool? 

Enter Camp Makai! 

Camp Makai is one of the only summer camps in Napa that offers swimming. 

Camp Makai fits in as much swimming as humanly possible between arts, crafts, and games. Sometimes our campers even have the opportunity to swim all day long! Although, we do take snack, lunch, sunscreen, and potty breaks. 

Because we are a swim school first, safety is our main priority. 

All swim times are fully supervised and lifeguarded, ensuring there is always a staff member present who has Red Cross certified Lifeguard training and CPR/First Aid/AED training. Each camper must also undergo a swim test so our lifeguard and camp counselors can familiarize themselves with your child’s swim abilities and determine if they are pool safe. 

Don’t worry. 

If your child doesn’t know how to swim or is currently learning to swim, they are still welcome at Camp Makai. 

Most of our camp counselors are also swim instructors. If our lifeguard decides your child needs extra help in the water, our camp counselors are right there with them to supervise and help out.

2. Fun-Themed Activities!

Although swimming is the star of the show, Camp Makai is also popular for its fun-themed activities!

Camp Makai offers seven themes: Pirate, Mermaid, Fairytale, Surf’s Up, Aloha Hawaii, Ocean Explorers, and Little Scientists.

Our campers love these themes, but their parents love that their child is being enriched–even during the summer months–because our themed activities are part of our own exclusive camp curriculum. 

Our curriculum is Montessori inspired and includes arts and crafts, process activities, and games. 

Process activities? What are those?

A process activity is an experience-focused activity where campers explore and experiment with materials, tools, and art or science techniques. And let me tell you, these activities are always a hit!

Of course, we also do classic arts and crafts, so your camper has cute mementos to take home. 

Looking for some example activities? Check out this post! You can even do these at home with your kiddo!

Want to start your own summer camp? Check out our curriculum packages.

3. Fun!

It’s true!

Camp Makai is incredibly fun!

We know we’ve done our job when your camper goes home with wet hair, a big smile plastered on their face, and talking one hundred miles per hour about all the fun things they did throughout the day. 

At Makai Swim School, we know how important play is for a child’s development. Just like our swim lessons, Camp Makai is full of opportunities to play in and out of the pool. When it comes down to it, it's summer, and we know your kids are ready to play all day!

We must be doing something right because year after year, we get campers returning to Camp Makai excited for another summer full of fun and parents pleased that signing up their camper was well worth it!

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