What Type of Swim Camp Activities Should You Offer?

What Type of Swim Camp Activities Should You Offer?

When you’re planning a swim camp curriculum, you’ll want to make sure to include a mix of different types of swim camp activities. Find out what activities and games will help keep your campers happy, engaged, and wanting to come back for more swim camp fun.

The Best Types of Swim Camp Activities You Should Offer

Directed Activities and Games

Make sure your swim camp curriculum includes directed activities and games. You may want to segment your campers by age during games and activities—younger kids and older kids have different skill and ability levels, and the difference in size and other physical attributes could give older kids an unfair advantage over younger ones.

Directed games and activities mean your camp counselors lead and guide your campers. Even if you segment your campers by age and have them participate in varying activities, with directed activities, a group of children all participate at the same time.

Games and activities could take place in or out of the pool. Remember to factor in pool-related games and free swim time to determine how much of the day is spent in the water.

Free-Time Activities and Games

Remember to schedule plenty of time for your campers to play! Setting up areas for free time games and activities allows them to engage in fun or even restful playtime. You could set up an arts and crafts station, sports station, or a toy-filled station. 

Again, keep in mind the different abilities and interest levels of your varying age groups. Do you have enough free time activities to keep your older campers engaged and interested?  

Pool Games and Free Swim Time

Every camper coming to Swim Camp is going to want to spend time in the pool! Keep them happily swimming away with a mix of water activities, pool games, and free swim time. You can do a mix of directed activities, with camp counselors providing the rules of play and undirected swim and game time. 

Restful Activities

They may not ask for it, but giving your campers some restful, quiet activities and games throughout the day will be appreciated. Set up a shaded area and schedule some quiet activity time. Again, art and crafts activities, whether directed or free play, can be a great part of your curriculum and give your swimming campers a way to rest their bodies out of the sun. You can also plan your restful activities around snack and lunch breaks!

Save Time Planning Your Camp Activities

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Planning your camp curriculum and schedule in advance can help ensure you have a nice mix of games, activities, free time, and swim time planned for your campers. Activity variety and themed camp weeks can help keep them engaged and begging to come back for more swim camp fun!