Floatie Friends by Makai Swim

Floatie Friends™ are swim aids designed to help children build confidence in the water. These hand floats make it easier for kids to relax, control their breathing, and float independently. They provide a fun way for young swimmers to learn basic skills and gain confidence.

Each pair includes two floats, one for each hand. This helps swimmers find the right buoyancy and body position. Kids learn to put their faces in the water and kick to move forward.

Made with durable foam, Floatie Friends™ come in varying thicknesses to support swimmers at different stages of their learning journey.

  • WHALE LEVEL 1: 38mm thick; appropriate for beginning swimmers who can self submerge.
  • PUFFERFISH LEVEL 2: 28mm thick
  • STARFISH LEVEL 3: 20mm thick; appropriate for swimmers who can propel with their face in the water and lift their head to breathe.
  • TURTLE LEVEL 4: 15mm thick
  • SHARK LEVEL 5: 13mm thick; appropriate for swimmers who can breathe independently but need some floatation for reassurance.
  • BUNDLE PACK: Includes all five Floatie Friends