Hope Floats Foundation, a national 501c3, was founded to give every child access to the life-saving skill and gift of swimming. Hope Floats Foundation recognizes there is a huge need for swim lessons across the world and the children who need them most lack access. Through grassroots fundraising efforts, the network of Hope Floats provides scholarships to low-income families so local swim schools can welcome all children into their pools—giving children the life-long gift of water-safety and water-joy.

How do I qualify?

Through partnership with swim schools across the US, Hope Floats provides scholarships for swimming lessons to children living in poverty. Tuition assistance is based upon the USDA Standards of Federal Poverty. In short, if a child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, they qualify for a Hope Floats Scholarship at a partner swim school in their community.

The USDA Income Eligibility Guideline can be found here.

What does the scholarship provide?

Hope Floats Scholarships are available for:

• Learn-to-swim lessons (not swim team)

• 1 lesson per week for 3 months; frequency of lessons may vary by provider (you may reapply for continued support)

• The scholarship covers lessons cost only and not any additional fees that may be imposed by your swim provider

• Families are required to contribute financially toward lessons

• Any unused scholarship money will be returned to Hope Floats Foundation

• A completed survey required prior to scholarship renewal.

How do I apply?

To apply for assistance, families complete a Confidential Application for Tuition Support, and provide a copy of their most recently filed Federal Tax Return with Social Security numbers removed. Makai Swim School does not see the application as the foundation processes all confidential information.

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Assistance Application 

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What happens after I apply?

Once families apply, the wait period is 30 days to accept/deny the application. Typically it has been a 2-4 day turn around so you should expect to hear back via email within a week! If more information is requested, it will be within that time frame as well.

We look forward to working with our entire community! Please reach out if you have any questions!

[email protected]

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