Makai Policies

We are all very excited to swim with your children this year.

Please go over the policy information as it provides important information to ensure a safe and productive experience for your swimmer.

Anniversary Fee

Beginning 2017 all families will incur a 1 time annual registration/anniversary charge of $25 upon your first check out. This includes Family Swim Memberships.

Address/Contact Us

Pool location: Behind Congregation Beth Shalom, 1455 Elm Street, Napa CA?



Phone/Text: 707.251.9200


All Makai clients must park on Elm Street, unless you are in need of ADA or special needs. The Congregation parking lot is reserved for Congregation members only.

Entrance to Pool

The pool entrance is located behind the Congregation, past the parking lot.  Please check in with the pool attendant upon arrival for swimming lessons and  Family Swim. 

When checking in with pool attendant for swimming lessons students will receive a colored stamp and then wait with their caregivers/parents until they are called to the pool by color or their name. 

Spectators and Parents

All spectators and parents must stay seated on the pool deck during lessons. It is in your child’s best interest to allow the instructor to teach the class uninterrupted.  Interruptions will only cause confusion with your child and take away from the trust and bonding needed to maintain a safe and effective learning experience. No deck coaching please!

Information Board

Please check the information board for updates and schedule changes.


If you choose to use sunscreen it must be applied at least 20 minutes prior to entrance of the pool.  If you are unable to put sunscreen on within the 20 minute set in period, then the swimmer will need to swim without sunscreen. The sunscreen simply washes off in the pool if it hasn’t had the 20 minutes to set in.  UV Shirts are suggested.


All swimmers must shower before entering pool.


Swimmers with long hair must have their hair secured in a ponytail. Swim caps are recommended.


All children in need of diapers must wear cloth/non-disposable diapers with elastic waist and leg bands with a secure fit. Disposable diapers are not allowed!

You may purchase these at the pool snack bar or through our website under the SHOPPING tab.

Make-up Classes

No make-up classes are offered.  Absences with a doctor’s note will be accepted for make-up classes or compensation. You may use our trade system if you wish. 

Rain Days

We will swim in the rain.  We will not swim during thunder and lightning.  Lightning and Thunder days will be compensated or made-up. We will do our best to contact you if we need to cancel classes. An outgoing voice mail will be provided upon any cancellation. Please call, text or email for status of classes.

Tuition and Refunds 

All tuition is due before the first class meeting of the session. All clients must have an iclasspro account for registration purposes.  We accept credit and debit cards.

No refunds are offered. Unused funds will be credited to your account and may be used within the swim year. A 2 week written notice is required to drop a class.

Anniversary Fee

All Families will be charged an anniversary fee of $25.00. This fee is good for one year.

Drop Proceedure

PARENTS MUST NOTIFY THE SCHOOL TO DROP A STUDENT FROM CLASS. Only a written notice via email, regular postal mail or hand delivered to our front desk will be acceptable.

Photo and Video Release

Photos and/or videos taken by Makai Swim School may be used for advertising and social media purposes.  No personal information or names of clients will ever be released without expressed written notice.

Family Swim

Children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult. Membership is required for open Family Swim times. Non members are subject to a $10 fee per person, per day.


Thank you for choosing to swim with us!

If you have any questions or concerns

Please call or Text:  251.9200  

The Best way to reach us – email:



“We love that after just a few lessons the kids are off and swimming for summer pool season!”

Swim Grandma